There's no need to break the budget with marketing -- that defeats the purpose. But every business needs a few basics.

First of all, design with good taste -- make sure your website feels like 'quality.' Then, your online presence must work on all devices -- from desktop to iPad and tablets to smartphones and whatever comes next. Limit the number of words on a page. Less is more.

Maybe all you need is a simple website, like this one.

Then, if you like, you might add a monthly newsletter, sent to a select group of recipients. Maybe you'll add a Facebook page, a simple one. At some point, you might automate some things, so that any photo you upload to Instagram, say, will instantly also show up on Facebook, Twitter, perhaps Pinterest or elsewhere.

Maybe you'll decide to have a blog (we can ghost-write your blog), a white paper showcasing a few successes (we can write that too), maybe someday an online store.

All of it is easy if taken step by step.

It's fun to discuss what can be done within parameters of your resources and maintenance abilities.

Talk to us. The initial conversation is free, with no obligation. We'd like to hear from you.


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