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Project Management

Making sure your project gets done on time and on budget.


Project Coordination

Working with project manager to track and dispense all information that various team members need to do their jobs effectively.


Project Administration

Organizing necessary team members with a focus on facilitating, reporting and analyzing projects under supervision of project manager.


Marketing & Communications

Driving any or all processes in getting a product or service from seller to consumer, whether it's a widget, SaaS or just key information. Can include branding, messaging, PR, newsletters, emails and producing web and collateral content. 


Customer Service

Providing assistance and advice on behalf of an organization to those customers. Establishing and reporting on Customer Satisfaction metrics. Escalated issues project management: shepherding special cases, emergency fixes and patches through development while keeping stakeholders informed.


Creative Direction

Working with marketing, designers and other stakeholders to create compelling content as text, graphics and video.



Award-winning writing (leisure and general interest magazines) and blogging.


Interim Department Leadership

While you're finding your perfect permanent candidate, we serve as Acting Department Lead to keep operations running smoothly.



Website development, website maintenance, database cleanse and wrangling, basic programming and more - just ask.