Our Practice


Providing project management, communications and outreach, and generalized business services to organizations large and small

Welcome to K.M. Hurley & Associates. We know that the health of your organization relies on roles and functions sometimes outside the scope of the expected. That's when you need a utility player. That's us!

Do you need an ad hoc project manager or administrator? An escalated issues coordinator? An interim department lead? A cross-functional project facilitator?

No matter what your business needs, we show up, get up to speed quickly and get to work. Contact us to find out more.


Kathleen Hurley, Principal

Hailing from both New Hampshire and the San Francisco Bay Area, I offer a bit of practical New England resource conservatism and a bit of California flair to all projects. I sometimes work from Santa Fe -- a unique Rocky Mountain tri-cultural city about the size of Portland, ME. Before opening this practice in Q4 2014, I worked for global software firms, in hospitality industry and in the environmental compliance space, among others.

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Others as needed

This is mostly a one-person consultancy, but a host of others are able to work on projects as needed. Over the years an unofficial network has sprung up; together we're a team of people who can (and do!) call on one another for almost anything. Some of us have worked together for over a decade.


Associate 1, Controller

In 2011, our first Associate joined the team. She was born in Virginia, brought on board near Boston. Organized and particular, she vigilantly manages who and what goes where. She approves or disapproves all time off and meal plans. She manages resources for her colleague (above right). She prefers classical music.


Associate 2 , Business Development

Our second Associate joined a few months after the first. She prides herself on networking and developing relationships. She enjoys guided ventures, and further enjoys her discrete, neighborly check-ins. Somewhat of a public relations genius, she also acts as greeter and announcer of patron arrivals onsite. She's an avid hiker, lizard aficionado and enjoys tennis (balls).