How To Use Compliance and Stewardship in Marketing

A company's compliance and sustainability efforts have impact in the world, sometimes immediately, sometimes over time, sometimes both.

So why not create a communications campaign around changes in processes and products you've made and will continue to make? Stewardship is here to stay. World leaders -- from top scientists to President Obama to the Pope -- are calling for resource conservation. Platforms and policy and papacy push toward cleaner air, more responsible products, forward-thinking design, greener processes, and materials recycle and reuse.

Public opinion will reflect that of world leaders. So jump out ahead. Consider compliance mandates or stewardship best practices you already employ and tell people about them. Publicize what you're doing -- and what you plan to do.

Your message will basically say: "We are aware we're not the center of the universe." How about that? It's refreshing. And honest. And real.

Is your business trying to command the attention of other businesses (B2B)? Or are you trying to win the confidence of a consumer directly (B2C)? Either way, your compliance history and your environmental strategy can be woven into your marketing and communications to help earn trust, credibility, and, ultimately, more business from your audience.

Keep your message lean and clean. Simple is powerful. Have a plan in place on how to get your message out, it can be simple, it might be just sending a simple email to a list of customers or simply updating your website with a new article, or a new second-tier tagline.

Make a "Clean Power Plan" for your company's stewardship message!

Bon chance and bons mots.

Kathleen Hurley