The Secret to Standout Marketing

The secret to standout marketing is... good taste.

Good taste is what distinguishes your business. It's how you stand out from every other company that has a website, a blog, a newsletter, email campaigns and a trade show booth. Yours can have that unique look and feel. That sense of Quality. That je ne sais quoi.

Your marketing service provider should of course deliver analytics on a responsive and mobile friendly website, memorable ads & collateral, a tasteful and reliable social media presence and a content strategy that includes professional looking (and sounding) website copy and blog articles. Most marketers can provide most of this.

The difference is taste. Your marketing service provider must deliver it.

Your audience knows quality when they see it. Whatever is tasteful to them is what will make your brand stand out.

Is your business trying to command the attention of other businesses? Or are you trying to win the confidence of a consumer directly? Does your target audience respond to glib one-liners (if so, they must be genuinely funny to a number of taste levels and not offensive to any). Does your target trust and share think-pieces on aspects of your industry? Or do they simply get excited about a coupon with a cheerful exclamation point?

Is your target likely to vacation on a little-known Caribbean islands? Or seek adventures in a private floating vessel? Or in a timeshare on Myrtle Beach? You need to know. And either way, who you attract is a matter of how tastefully you present your company to any of your groups or subgroups.

Make sure your marketing talent is able to elevate your message. Good taste cannot be taught in a marketing course. So make sure you hire the marketing folks who have it.

Poignant marketing doesn't have to cost more; it doesn't have to use big words or excess images or more video.

It just has to be right.

Kathleen Hurley