The Brand Listener

Awhile back I was looking for someone in my network who might be -- not just good -- but exceptional and modern when it comes to focus groups and market research. I found this. This is from Brand Listening: How to Listen to Experiences, Not For Answers. It's an interview actually, with "Brand Listener" Peter Spear

One of the first things I was taught was that [consumers] do not have answers. Consumers have experiences.... Yet most research approaches people as if they were a source of reliable answers to our questions. This is a disastrous misunderstanding.

I do men and women’s groups separately, partly because all categories are gendered, partly because men and women communicate differently when they’re in the company of the other. I recruit and re-recruit to make sure that I am talking to people with real category or brand experiences. I do not have anyone introduce themselves at the beginning of groups, to avoid the creation of a social hierarchy that arrives as soon as you know what neighborhood someone lives in, or job they have.

See the whole piece here: Peter Spear discusses Market Research

If you're looking to do a focus group or other market research, talk to Peter Spear. He calls himself a Brand Listener. He does Strategic Qualitative Research & Brand Consulting. Peter's consulting agency is a go-to partner of this firm (K.M. Hurley & Associates). Spear has such a smart take on market research. On focus groups. On what to do, what not to do. And on how to really hear customers (and prospective customers). 

He rehabilitates employees, and trains companies. (That's a nod to Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer)

Kathleen Hurley