Crocodile Eats Man

This past weekend, three inches of snow fell on Boston for a record breaker: the most snow ever recorded falling in Boston in one season. EVER. That extra three inches brings snow totals so far this year to over 108 inches.

Naturally, I am considering a move to Florida. My mother, New England-based, has something to say about bugs and alligators. "Bugs come up through the toilet in Florida, and those alligators will be snapping at your ankles like a pack of wolves," she says.

Then this:

A sunset cruise along the Zambezi River, which is between Zimbabwe and Zambia, turned out to be a shocker for British tourists as they saw crocodiles feeding on a human. First they saw a wild, flapping feeding frenzy. As the vessel drew closer, the tourists realized the reptiles were dining on the lower half of a human body.

A conservation group in Zimbabwe said they suspect the victim was a poacher.  That is a good public relations thing to say, isn't it, as poachers are the least-loved individuals in the world.

But the story reminds folks who live (and hunt?) in warmer climes: pay attention. Count your toes while we are counting snowflakes.

The whole article about the crocodile is here.

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