Drink Much? An App for That

A new app funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can help determine if you need to find a ride home instead of getting behind the wheel.

The app includes a few GAMES aimed at determining how alert a driver is. They're kind of fun. One game involves pressing a red "brake" button when the image of a pedestrian passes by or when a car on the road ahead stops.

Another game shows road signs that blink in different orders. Users have to determine the order in which the road signs appeared, with the task getting increasingly difficult as each round progresses.

For more information visit the Safety Doctor website.

Drinking too much? 

There's also an app for over-drinking. More than one.

In the Google Play Store, check out AlcoDroid. It not only calculates blood-alcohol level, but also allows users to calculate how much they're spending on alcohol. It helps you set goals for yourself. Just as fitness goals can help you exercise more, drinking goals can help you drink less. Or so goes the logic.

And if you feel you really ought to stop drinking for a day or for a month or for forever, then call this number 1-800-662-HELP (4357) anytime or any day, or visit this website.

Two is too many

Two drinks doesn't seem like a lot. But it is. It's enough to land you in jail. Please be safe this season. If folks are pressuring you to drink more than you want to, show them the app. You can say you've really, measurably, had enough.

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