How Work Stress Affects The Whole Company

Workplace stress is an organizational issue. It's not just that Sally complains about headaches to her family at night or Bob has chronic back issues. Stress directly affects the company as an organism.

Psychosocial risks can occur in every workplace. The quality of any workplace is significantly associated with the level of stress experienced by workers. Look into stress management programs, hire another body to share the workload, remind colleagues to relax, buy a foosball table for the breakroom, take the team out for drinks on Friday night – there are many ways to alleviate some of the stress in your workplace. Here are related  tips and tools from EU OSHA.

The infographic below suggests that one-fifth of company turnover is directly attributed to stress.

Infographic is also here.  Thanks to EU OSHA for the share.

Sure, it may be that Bob with that chronic back pain is just a whiner, which is what management seems to conclude rather easily at times. But also, it may be that many stressed people in an organization are compromising the Whole and costing the company money. So why not mitigate some of the stress to begin with?