Chemicals in Kids' Costumes -- It's Halloween in Vermont

The following is an email I received from Taylor Johnson at Environmental Health Associate, VPIRG. Shared with permission. The following words are not my own:

A new study released last week by found elevated levels of toxic chemicals in popular Halloween costumes, accessories and even “trick or treat” bags. The products were purchased from top national retailers including CVS, Kroger, Party City, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.
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These chemicals have no place in products for our little ones.  For instance they found high levels of flame retardants in “trick or treat” bags, and a toddler Batman costume that contained very high levels of phthalates, and even lead in the lining of the mask.
TAKE ACTION: Tell big retailers – our children deserve a safe toxic-free Halloween.
I’ve heard from parents all over the state that it can feel overwhelming trying to find products for their children that aren’t laced with dangerous toxins. That’s exactly why last legislative session VPIRG spearheaded passage of the Toxic-Free Families Act. Thanks to the law, in 2016, Vermont parents can go online and research costumes, and other children's products, to avoid these hidden toxins.
Unfortunately though, due to chemical industry lobbying, we have to wait two years for this program to kick-in. In the meantime, tell America’s big retailers that children's products are no place for dangerous toxins.
Join us and send a message to retailers today. It’s time they “Mind the Store” and get these toxic chemicals out of products once and for all.
We know that big retailers can do better.  There are enough scary things out there this Halloween, let’s cross toxic Halloween costumes off the list. 
PS – If you haven't signed the Vermont petition calling for better protection from toxic chemicals, click here to add your name.