Control Engineering salary survey results

The annual Control Engineering salary details were recently released for 2013. 880 people contributed, for a healthy sample.

Here is a teaser: Average base annual salary for 2014 is $93,373. 74% expect an increase; more than 60% expect a 1%-3% increase. Only 9% expect a salary increase of 4%-6%, and 4% expect a more than 6% increase. A quarter of respondents expected their salaries to stay the same compared to last year, and only 1% expected a pay cut in 2014.

2013 comparison: $92,918 was the average annual base salary and 70% expected an increase; 27% expected the same, and 3% expected a decrease.

I liked these tips towards a higher salary:
  1. Work hard, don't be a clock watcher, stay until the job is done. Continue to study, learn more about your products, equipment, and tools you use. Be the go-to person with all the answers for your boss, coworkers, employees, and customers.
  2. Nobody knows everything. It is quite OK to admit when you do not know something. It is not OK to remain there. Admit you do not know something, commit to finding the answers, then go out and learn and follow up with answers.
  3. Quality needs to be a part of your culture. Focus on the following tasks to ensure a long career: 1) safety, 2) operational excellence, 3) continuous legacy migration, and 4) the gathering of plant floor data to allow management to make fact-based decisions. At entry engineering levels, develop project management (PM) skills and understand what motivates your peers, production personnel, and management.
  4. Pair your engineering education with a communications or business background. Engineering is in demand, but it needs to be augmented with soft skills if you want to advance.
See the whole salary report here, in Control Engineering. This report was compiled by longtime editor and  trusted industry voice Mark T. Hoske along with Jordan M. Schultz.

Great job, guys!