Free training: IT for conflict minerals compliance

Compliance Week webcast looks interesting: New webinar will focus on conflict mineral compliance. The event is slated for Halloween, noon eastern time; ironic, as if conflict minerals compliance isn't already spooky enough. However - Compliance Week is a meaty journal so this should be interesting if you're wondering how to use Information Technology (IT) to manage risk and compliance with conflict mineral reporting rules.

The session subject is: Best Practices in Choosing Software for Conflict Mineral Compliance. Joining the webcast is free to those who qualify.

Sign up here.

Press release from Actio Corporation says you will learn what to expect from technology, how it works, what works well and what doesn't, and what ROI you can expect.

During the past 15 years, the presenting team has gained significant intelligence on what to do (and what not to do) when designing and implementing a supplier-based software compliance system. Here, the findings are shared with you.

"In terms of risk assessment, conflict mineral compliance is the new REACH — only more so," said Actio CEO, Russell McCann. "This is a delicate time for businesses, an era of meaningful regulatory transition. We aim to provide clarity and concrete solutions for companies, as detailed in this Compliance Week webcast."

As most of you know, the author of this blog proudly works for Actio Corporation. But in case some of you did not know, it's only fair to mention it. Still it looks like a good webinar! And no, I will not be the one at the helm, but I will be standing by to help facilitate. Cheers -- let me know what you think if you attend.