Ritz-Carlton bottles its own water

Hospitality brands, including Ritz Carlton, have signed up to the Whole World Water initiative, through which they will filter, bottle and sell their own water.

Environmental Leader reports today (January 16, 2013) that spas, hotels, resorts and restaurants who join the program will contribute 10% of bottled water proceeds to the Whole World Water Fund, which benefits clean and safe water programs around the world.

And now, on that note, here are some pictures of a recent trip to Jamaica:

That bottle of spring water has a Ritz-Carlton label
This is an unretouched image, the water really is that color
Hurricane Katrina had visited a few weeks prior, she partied on this boat
In the evening, sometimes, dignitaries land at the Ritz-Carlton, right next to your room
We never figured out who this gentleman was.
Any idea?
Ritz-Carlton branded coffee
For the record, the Ritz also brands its coffee cups.  But branded cups and bottles are a different animal than bottling your own water.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. There are roughly 1000 others but we'll leave those for another day.  Ja mon.

Kathleen Hurley