Project management: writing on the wall

As ridiculous as this might seem at first, I can't help thinking it's, well, a good idea.

A lot of us like a white board in our office. Mine is 8 feet wide and 5 feet tall. On it I write everything I need to know at-a-glance— from general to-do lists to detailed steps, from key pending projects to critical deadlines, micro and macro.  In a time of project-log-jam, I even sketch a calendar down the entire left side and fill it in. About once a month I wipe the whole thing clean. But soon project information starts to populate the shiny white real estate once again.

Sure we all look at Gantt charts. These are the colorful bar graphs circulated by our Project Managers. We open Microsoft Project or Basecamp— which is nearly-free project management software for smaller companies— and we update our own project schedules. But then what? Typically the pages get their ceremonial coffee ring and a few notations, then they sit and collect dust.

What if we could look up on the wall and see the Whole Story at-a-glance?  What if we could keep it up to date by moving some little round magnets around, like a game of Othello. Can't help believing that this is a really good idea. Take a look below. At first you might, like me, think this idea is silly; but it sits in your crop and the idea gets better with time.

The 365-day planner
Project tasks board

The website for this is:

Share your thoughts— good idea?  Bad idea?  "Has potential?"  Ever tried anything like this/does it work?

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