How to improve the FDA food website

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants some help improving the quality of its web site.
Just posting this to help out their effort.

Specifically, this is for the Food section of the FDA website.

User feedback is a key element for better website experiences, so if you have interest about the food we eat in the US or how the supply chain works and is regulated, check this out:
Please help improve the organization of information on the FDA food site. You can help the FDA by participating in a “card sort” exercise to help them better understand how information should be categorized and organized on Approximately 15 minutes. 
The card sort is very intuitive and no web design expertise is needed. Please consider helping us by choosing the most appropriate link from the two below and proceeding through the task. The card sort will be available for the next  4 business days and will close on Tuesday, November 13. -- FDA
General Public and Health Educators use this link (

Regulated food industry and policy/science experts use this link (

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Kathleen Hurley