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A new article published yesterday morning on the Environmental Leader web site. It's about how to comply with the conflict mineral ruling under the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Dodd-Frank act.

The new article is titled: 

Conflict Minerals, Compliance and Quality

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In this article you'll read about three solutions to conflict minerals traceability and compliance assurance.  One solution is a software technology called Material Disclosure, another solution is a business strategy solution that will be a surprise to most readers, and the third solution is a policy/investment option.

The common denominator of the three solutions is: quality. Quality is both a key benefit and a key component of the business case for moving forward with conflict mineral tracking and reporting. Read the article on Environmental Leader.

The author is long time environmental compliance "in the trenches" expert and industry insider, Chris Nowak (pictured above left). Here are angles to conflict mineral rule compliance you likely have not heard about.

About the software solution:  Actio’s “Material Disclosure” software automates data gathering from suppliers, compliance checks, and facilitates subsequent and parallel business processes for overall quality, reporting, safer products and workplaces, and managed sourcing data in a global supply chain.  

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