Passing of EPA figurehead

Respectfully, be advised that the former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Russell Train has passed away.

Train was the second Administrator of the EPA, from September 1973 to January 1977.  He was the Founder Chairman Emeritus of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). As head of the EPA under U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, Train helped place the issue of the environment on the presidential and national agenda in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The official statement, nicely rendered, by EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson is as follows: 
My EPA colleagues and I were sad to learn about the passing of former EPA Administrator Russell E. Train, and the thoughts and prayers of the entire agency are with his family, friends and loved ones today. Russell Train’s life and work were dedicated to protecting American families and communities from pollution and environmental threats, and his leadership helped set the path for the ongoing work of the EPA. His years with the agency saw landmark environmental achievements whose impacts are still felt, like the passage of the Toxic Substances Control Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the initial implementation of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System that protects our nation’s waters. He helped pave the way for gas mileage improvements and the adoption of the catalytic converter, and engaged the American people in ensuring the health of the places where we live and work. As a dedicated public servant, he always rose above partisan politics, and remained a respected and vocal supporter of conservation and environmental protection into the last years of his life. I was proud to count him as a friend, and I will continue to work to honor his remarkable legacy.
- Lisa Jackson, Chemical Engineer, EPA Administrator, on September 17, 2012.  [Jackson graduated summa cum laude with a BS in chemical engineering from Tulane in 1983. Jackson then earned a Master of Science in chemical engineering from Princeton in 1986. Her tenure as EPA head began in January of 2009.]

Kathleen Hurley