Pictures: AIHce conference, Indianapolis 2012

Each year, AIHA -- the American Industrial Hygiene Association -- hosts the world's largest conference for Industrial Hygiene. This year, the conference was in Indianapolis. GHS and Product Stewardship were the hot topics.  Here are some moments from the 2012 event, in pictures, plus a few images from around town, Indianapolis.

Exhibition hall center: the AIHA booth

Kal Kawar, PE, CIH, renowned blogger, with colleague 

Actio Corporation booth in Indianapolis exhibition hall

A booth in action:  Chris Nowak speaks with students about GHS and Product Stewardship
In session: AIHce 2012
In session: AIHA Product Stewardship -- Jon Hellerstein (MWV) on managing risks along the supply chain

In session:  Kal Kawar (CIH, co-founder Actio Corp) presents on "GHS & Beyond"
A barbershop quartet in the conference hive?  Refreshing

AIHce 2012 Indianapolis program (very heavy and thick!)

 If you haven't been to conference in Indianapolis, it's recommended.  The infrastructure is modern and efficient. Getting around and finding what you need is very fluid.  It's easy to focus on the conference with just the right amount of distraction in downtown Indy to make it interesting without taking attention from the business at hand.  Here are a few images to give you a feel:

Indianapolis JW Marriot complex, where many (most) conference-goers stay

Downtown Indianapolis: a few blocks from the JW Marriot is the historic Arts Center
Downtown Indianapolis: a few blocks from the hotels is a truly remarkable state capital building, completed in 1888
Indy industry still active - view from conference center catwalk

Indianapolis nightlife, a pleasant and friendly feel

Monument marks Indianapolis City Center

Indianapolis City Center monument inscription: "Indians defeated in 1812."  (Not without irony, given the city's name.)

Overall, a successful show and a pleasant city and conference venue.

But oh - next year - AIHce Montreal -- or bust!

PS:  Wondering what an Industrial Hygienist is? A professional industrial hygienist is a person possessing either a baccalaureate degree in engineering, chemistry, or physics (or a baccalaureate degree in a closely related biological or physical science) from an accredited college or university, who also has a minimum of three years of industrial hygiene experience. Certification is involved. For more detail, go to this link on what makes an IH.

Kathleen Hurley