Outsourcing GHS safety data sheet updates for higher quality

Now is the perfect time to outsource (M)SDS management. 

With the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recently adopting the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) standard for (M)SDS and labeling, we are going to see a major transition of the Safety Data Sheet or SDS.  

Suppliers have a transition period to reclassify and issue new SDSs for their products by June 2015.

Pass it along: the new GHS data sheets
That means your entire SDS library is going to turn over during the next 12 to 36 months.

Why use in-house staff to do this? Outsource to a reasonably priced American company or service now.  A company like Actio Corporation, for instance, will load and manage your current MSDS library so it is available for your employees. Actio will update and assure that as your suppliers issue the highest quality new GHS compliant SDSs your company is compliant and your staff's valuable time can be dedicated to other important projects.

Even if you remove the impact of this monumental GHS transition for SDSs, outsourced SDS management still delivers a strong ROI for your company anyway. Collecting, making available and updating SDS is a time consuming process if you are doing it manually. There is a lot of duplicate work being done within organizations.  Duplicate work can be instantly eliminated by using a common platform available to all employees. Most of the time, current staff cannot keep up with the current demands and your library has many gaps.  Being up-to-date and compliant keeps employees safe and removes risk to your business.

Summary: because your Safety Data Sheets all must be evaluated and overhauled anyway over the course of the coming 12 - 36 months, why not outsource the process and get more bang for the buck?

-- By Chris Nowak, July 24, 2012 

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Chris Nowak bio:  An author and thought-leader on B2B environmental subjects, Chris Nowak has been immersed in the business of environmental management, regulatory compliance and supplier material disclosure process for over a decade.  Nowak currently serves as Director at Actio Corporation, makers of the market-leading software supporting quality, health, compliance and risk management programs.  Actio is headquartered in New Hampshire, USA.