2012 cool technology chosen by Gartner

In chemical and manufacturing automation news, Actio’s flagship product, Material Disclosure, has been selected for an in-depth profile as a 2012 “Cool Vendor” by analyst teams at Gartner with special focus in technology for manufacturing operations.
Actio Environmental Management Software wins accolades from Gartner
Gartner has selected Actio as an emerging company “producing potentially disruptive innovations,” i.e., software that is revolutionary in some way and can bestow a measurable, lasting, positive impact on the marketplace.

Material Disclosure is Actio’s software product designed to help with risk mitigation around legal challenges such as REACH regulation in Europe, RoHS, China and USA laws as well as state level laws like California Prop 65.  The software also enables actionable product stewardship and compliance best practice systems.

The official press release describes Material Disclosure software as automatic, systematic, and lightning fast.  Which reminds me of a movie I once saw with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

The Gartner Cool Vendor reports serve as a great resource for business decision makers identifying tools and innovative products that solve the next great challenge in industry.  The report also lends singular credibility to companies who win coverage, so congratulations to all the nominees and the ones ultimately selected.

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