Oliver Wight and Actio Tackle REACH, RoHS & WEEE

Oliver Wight's Senior Principal was quoted in a recent Environmental Leader article as saying:
David Goddard, Oliver Wight Americas
“I repeatedly see the lack of quality prevalent in planning systems at some of America’s best companies.  I see Bill Of Materials errors driving poor costing and part shortages, and poor item master information (lead time for example) causing a constant state of crisis ergo expediting parts, which in turn costs money in all sorts of ways,” he said.  “Quality issues in basic infrastructure data has lead to major companies running their businesses on spreadsheets vs. simple database-driven software tools. What a shame.”  (David Goddard, Senior Principal at Oliver Wight)
It's an interesting article, read it here, and Goddard's views are gold.  He brings 20+ years as an onsite analyst and consultant for one of the world's most recognizable names in the field.  It's been Actio's contention that these Quality breaches can save companies money and can be easily avoided with relatively low-cost software, such as BOMtracker, for instance.

“In a recent case,” Goddard said, “I know of one critical supplier to the automotive industry that became completely out of capacity to meet it customer needs.  Any fallout of components due to quality is wasted capacity.  One company has seen yields as low as 60%.  Imagine the cost of quality here -- not just loss of material and labor that the finance folks see, but missed customer shipments resulting in long term loss of customers.”

To read the article, simply go to Environmental Leader and search for "Actio Corp" or "David Goddard."  Here is the direct link if easier: http://www.environmentalleader.com/2011/08/18/high-noon-quality-management-vs-reach-rohs-weee/
Kathleen HurleyOliver Wight