Photos From Today's Air Show Practice

August 13-14, 2011:

Air show

in Portsmouth, NH.  The event happens every year in Portsmouth, NH where our Headquarters are.  Thunderbirds and many other aircraft were overhead today, practicing for the air show tomorrow at the Pease Tradeport (airport).

We snapped a few photos at lunch.  Which one is your favorite?

(photo: kmhurley)

This top one is an Actio Corporation favorite - it shows the incredible alignment and I love the detail the Nikon D40 managed to catch.

This is amazing too, though:

 (photo: Jack Casey)

And these:

photo: kmhurley

photo: kmhurley

Our job is typically to supply IT marketing to support an aerospace manufacturing company's -- or suppliers' -- stewardship and quality management initiatives.  In other words, we spend a lot of time discussing environment and risk:  compliance, regulations, rules, SNURs, upsides, declarable substance lists, restricted substances lists, and lists of substances of very high concern -- so that companies can integrate materials management and chemical management into their compliance efforts.

Every once in awhile it's tremendous fun to just watch them fly.  WEEE!  [As in hooray, not as in the waste regulation -- terrible pun, we know :)]  Hope you enjoy the photos.