BPA Is Not Dangerous, Says German Study

The BPA debate continues
Smartbrief is reporting that a wide-ranging German study clears BPA from "noteworthy" health risks.  The notes come from the American Chemistry Council sponsored newsletter.

Some 200 studies—almost all small-scale “explorative” studies on rats—have suggested that BPA might trigger biological activity such as possible neurological or endocrinological effects.  Thus, BPA is often called a "possible endocrine disruptor."

The Smartbrief newsletter quoted an article by The American, an industry journal, who called the German BPA study "a triumph for sound science."  Such findings are a blunt rebuttal to advocacy groups that urge tougher regulations on BPA and phthalates, said Jon Entine, an adjunct fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

For those interested in similar articles from a chemical industry point of view, ACC SmartBrief is a key news source.

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Kathleen Hurley