The Grid in China Gets a $590 Million Upgrade

The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) plans to undertake a multimillion dollar upgrade of China’s utility system, creating a boom in demand for new electricity meters.  500 million units are said to be needing replacement by 2020, market research firms are reporting.*

The SGCC said it will invest $590 million to build China’s so-called Strong and Smart Grid through 2020, according to the SGCC white paper on green development issued last April.  The Smart Grid effort is intended to spur economic activity by:
  1. upgrading utility efficiency
  2. promoting energy savings and 
  3. accelerating the development of electrical vehicles 
Related news bits:
  • semiconductor distributors in China are expected to enjoy nearly 30 percent growth in 2010
  • desktop PC OEMs in China’s export market report sales have fallen since September, which is normal given that PC/notebook sales spike around the start of students' fall semester
  • U.S. EPA Administrator Jackson just returned from official visit to China
  • Update on China RoHS regulation posted in the Actio Corp Library
Back in the U.S.A., Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently talked about IT and the Green Power Grid stateside.  Nice article by Chris Preimesberger in eWeek magazine.

*iSuppli was a private Market Research firm - recently absorbed by $billion mega-corporation, IHS.

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